[STC] Izzabella`s Scoot`s [LATVIA]

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  1. Izzabella

    Izzabella New Member

    Hey Folks` greetz from Latvia ... I`ll show you My Scoot`s 8)
    Hope You Like ..

    First of all ..my first scooter ... I bought this Yamaha Aerox `2000 at 2008 summer - full stock with fucked up paint and plastics ...
    at 2008` winter i decided to tune up my scoot ... Comments in English please :lol:
    Let the Pictures talk :)

    When i bought it ...1`st day ..

    Before hard work :lol: :lol: very bad condition :D

    Final adjustments before first run` ...

    First Run :eek: :eek:

    In Progress 8)


    AT SCOOTER RACING` 8) :up: :back:

    SETUP` :
    *Stage 6 racing modular [STC] tuned - cylinder
    *Stage 6 HPC - crankshaft
    *MVT Millenium + ignition module MVT Millenium - ignition
    *NGK Racing plug + cap
    *NGK Irridium Power - spark
    *Dellorto 21`mm carburattor
    *Polini Manual choke
    *Stage 6 einlassystem
    *Stage 6 Vforce3
    *MHR Boost Bottle
    *Polini Evolution - variomatic
    *Polini Evolution - belt
    *Polini Evolution - Torque driver
    *MHR Delta Clutch
    *MHR WingBell
    *SSP Floating brake disc
    *Str8 plastics
    *SSP Pillion cover
    *SSP LED taillight
    *SSP shock riser
    *SSP blue lens
    *Buzzeti sidestand
    *Str8 kickstart`
    *MHR Brake clutche`s
    *Str8 HandleBar
    *Str8 downhill handlebar stim
    *SSP brake reservoir covers
    *Stage6 Temperature meter
    *SSP throttle grip cnc
    *SSP oil drain plug
    *Polini Evolution / Hebo V Revolution - exhaust
    *SSP water pump
    *Twin Air filter
    *Blue Metallic + AlpineWeiss paint job
    e.t.c 8)

    My Second Scoot`

    Bought Aprilia old Sr50 `1995 at 2008`Summer ending ... Condition - fucked up cylinder ,compression bad as fuck , plastics too :( bought it for some 300eiros ...but I loved so much this model ... then I make some tuning` ... and now at 2009` i hope ,i will finish my work ... 8)

    When i Bought ..5`th day ...



    Then i Decided to speed up my ``sunshine`` 8) :D


    Setup till This Winter was :

    *Parmakit Sport 70cc - cylinder
    *Stage 6 19mm BlackEdition` - carburattor
    *Malossi RedSponge Filter`
    *NGK Racing - spark
    *Hebo Performer 2005 - exhaust
    *Top Performance racing clutch
    *Hebo V belt
    *Polini Gear Ratio 8%
    *Polini Drive Face
    *NGK plug + cap
    *TNT handlebar + Str8 handlebar stim
    *BGM shock riser
    *TNT spoiler for Fan Cover
    *TNT oil drain plug
    and other shit 8)

    before some time i was bought 85mm racing crankshaft for this baby 8)

    And now at 2009`s winter I was ordered some parts from ScooterAttack`
    Soon I will install these parts on My Scooter :
    *SKF crank` bearings Polymer Cage
    *Tomaselli Quick Action throttle
    *Str8 lenses
    *Str8 KillSwitch
    and other things..
    but Soon i want to purchase Motoforce Racing cylinder from ScooterAttack` ...
    then i repaint it ... and I`m ready for hot hot summer :D :D
    Hope you Like my scoot`z ...
    Estonia rockz ` :)
  2. Raghza

    Raghza Active Member

    Nice to see that scooter-tuning is really flowing excellent in Latvia.
    Best luck to you with your scoots, mate 8)
  3. marek4567

    marek4567 New Member

    Latvian rockzz too. These are just super scooters. These both are really beatiful and with great motor list. I see that in latvia there are preatty much scooter tuning. I hope to see one of these scoots in estonia too somedays. But anyway GOOD LUCK :lol: 8)
  4. l3gion

    l3gion Member

    nice scooters!'
    good luck.
  5. kiki

    kiki New Member

    the old sr is (Y)
    i have also the old sr but mine is whit minarelli vertical engine.
    are u going to do some optick tuning also to the "sunsine" ?
  6. JussPB

    JussPB Active Member

    nice project:D
    cool engine list.
    but, i can't see aprilias pictures:/
  7. tms

    tms New Member

    AEROX....here we go 8)

    nice scooter and welcome to the club
  8. verner112

    verner112 New Member

    Keegi pilte väiksemaks ei taha teha w?
  9. Mariokro

    Mariokro Member

    Is that blue colour national in Latvija ? :D
    I have seen , same coloured scoot's in Latvija. What i can say , You latvijans make a fhking good work :D I conclude it from the pictures. It would be interesting and nice to see you guys in Estonian scooterconventions. There isn't a long trip to Estonia :D It's like thrown a rock :p
    I think , We all estonians can say WELCOME to You all there.
  10. Izzabella

    Izzabella New Member

    Oooohoohoo, Thank you so much guys for these words :)
    It will be really nice to do some Baltic scooter meeting in Estonia or in Latvia ....
    Summer is comming ...Maybe we somehow can organise this meeting ,i think here in Latvia are some peoples who can participate too for 100% ...about 25 scooterists - my friends ...
  11. Mariokro

    Mariokro Member

    25 :O , its more than our scooterists in Estonia :D A'ight joke , joke. Hmm, yes it really easy to come here Estonia with scooters, and i have thought about going to Latvija too with my friends , actually to APE. It's really easy to cross the countryline now. Just like ride over the line and you are in, but i prefer to take a document with you. I mean ID , and better the drivingticket.

Jaga seda lehte