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    This is the subforum where you can speak in English. Forum is intended for those who do not live in Estonia, or for some other reasons doesn't speak Estonian!

    1. Main rules of the forum
    1/1. Bad language, insulting other users and distributing pages with illegal or pornographic content is strictly prohibited!
    1/2. The name of a created thread must match the thread's main topic (meaning it has to be as close as possible to the topic).
    1/3. Posting two posts in a row is not allowed, you must change your first post in order to do that (except in your own scooter project topic).
    1/4. Your post cannot contain only smileys (the point must be clear and well understood).
    1/5. Before making a new thread, make sure that a similar thread does not exist (use the board's search engine).
    1/6. Do not quote more than 2-3 posts, avoiding long and badly understandable posts.
    1/7. Advertising other sites or forums is ONLY allowed when consulted with a board administrator.
    1/8. Avatars can contain only pictures of your vehicle (scooter, car, bike) or a picture of yourself.
    1/9. Board administrators are allowed to ban users who do not follow board rules.

    2. Penalties for breaking main rules.
    2/1. All moderators and administrators are allowed to give users warnings.
    2/2. Administrators can give written warnings to a user who hasn't reacted to the warning given by a moderator.
    2/3. After several warnings administrators are allowed to give the user an IP ban for an undetermined time.
    2/4. Board moderators and administrators are allowed to delete threads and topics without a warning if it is against the rules or contains offtopic material or illegality.

    Rolleriklubi managment has the power to decide if a user is welcome on the board.
    The penalty for offending rules is final and can not be forwarded

    Eesti Rolleriklubi Team
    Last update: 3. March 2009

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